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Mid-career Recruitment

World-class IT Consulting team

Experienced consultants commit to customer’s business growth
Currently we are looking for our team members who can propose and implement optimal solutions combined with ERP packages and service lineups in various industries.

The most important ability with this work is to understand, “what are the customers having issues now?” , in other words, to understand ” Customer’s pain “.

Therefore, in addition to communication ability to listen to the customer’s worries, the insight and inquisitiveness to pursue the essence of the issues is required.

We provide consulting services to many major companies regardless of domestic or foreign capital.

The thorough commitment to the quality of consulting has been highly evaluated, so that the number of projects through repeats and referrals is increasing.


The real thrill of building a system directly related to business innovation
The start of my career is an engineer. After that, I started working with upper phases and also took on a management role.

"What kind of system do customers really need, and how should the project proceed toward the goal?" I always keep that in mind when I work. The best part of this job is that you can witness business transformation through system implementation.

While technological advances have been rapid and remarkable in recent years, we believe our ability to meet customer’s diverse needs will become even more important.
Manager / Joined in 2013
Aim to become a Infrastructure specialist who are not limited to Oracle
There is only one reason why I finally decided to join Trinify. As a new graduate,
after visiting several companies, I was convinced this is the place where
I can get the experience which I eager to have, so no other opportunities seemed so attractive for me.

Immediately after joining Trinify, I acquired Oracle Master Gold, and have been acquiring experiences and skills mainly as an Oracle database specialist although besides Oracle, I need more experience and skills.
Architect / joined in 2014
Environment is perfect to be a professional
It's a perfect company for anyone who are ambitious to grow up through work.
As support system for acquiring qualifications is provided, I am utilizing to level up my skills.
It is also encouraging that experienced seniors including CEO Ura are close to us.

The personnel evaluation system covers not only work performance but also skill up objectives. Evaluated my personal growth by my advisor and senior members really motivated me.

Currently I work with the support of my senior employees. An atmosphere of taking on challenges without fear of failure makes it possible for junior like me to be involved in various tasks. Why don't you join and become an IT professional together at Trinify?
Associate Analyst / joined in 2020

Desired Candidates

Since our establishment in 2000, we have been grown and evaluated by many customers such as foreign-affiliated global companies, large manufacturers, software vendors, and so on.
Despite the small size of the organization, we have abundant experience and lots of connections to customers in various industries.
Providing consulting services centered on ERP, we also have accumulated stable track records.

Trinify, which aims to be a globally accepted IT consulting team,
has a system in place to support career advancement as a consultant.
Anyone who has no practical experience as a consultant doesn’t need to worry as we support new comers
to gain a secure value to work on a global scale.

Experienced candidates could immediately play an active role as our core member.
We would discuss the conditions on adoption based on mutual convince through discussion related to former annual salary, the experiences and achievements so far

Currently, we are launching into a new business, “ Cloud ERP system consulting “, and
would like you to play an active role as a starting core member of this business development.

In addition to increasing the number of members, office space has also been expanded
due to strong business performance.
Candidates who has ideas, ” I would like to be a leader of new business.”, “I need to increase my market value”
are welcomed. If you are positive and ambitious, don’t worry about obtaining no consulting experience.
Brush up your skills at Trinify, and find your next goal.

We are waiting for contacts from candidates who are;
Interested in high level designing and programing
Obtaining the specialities with system development
Thinking of leveling up career with making use of experience in system development projects

Mid Career

Job typeIT consultant
Job description
As an IT consultant / Senior SE, you will be involved with consulting, requirement definition, and project management work.

【In particular】
Responsible for the following tasks as an IT consultant / Senior SE
・System concept definition.
Find out customer needs, make recommendations on system selection, and create RFP.
・Requirements definition to basic design
・Project Management
<Perform as a core member of the new project>
As a core member of the project, you will be involved with system implementation project.
Those who have no experience with consulting will be asked to be independent about six months later.

<Global success>
Many requests from large foreign-affiliated companies, consulting firms, and SIers.
Those who have self-confidence in English communication would be in charge of overseas projects. We also have a track record of overseas business trips.
We hold English conversation lessons twice a month by native instructor, and any employee can take classes free of charge.

<Qualification acquisition support system is available. >
We support the acquisition of various qualifications such as Oracle Master, bookkeeping, and TOEIC.
Preferred candidates
・Experienced IT consultant / Senior SE
※Candidates with practical experience in the IT industry
・Recent new graduate
※Inexperienced candidates are welcomed

【Preferential skills】
●Obtaining certification such as Oracle Master and SAP
●Those who have certain level of English skills or who don’t hate English
Experiences with ERP – e.g. SAP, Oracle EBS, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, JD Edwards
●Experiences with Development language- JAVA, C #, C, ABAP, PL / SQL, JavaScript
●Obtaining Sales experience in IT industry
●Obtaining project manager experience, PMP qualified
※A professional who can proactively think and act on his own
SalaryWe will offer a salary that would be mutually convincing through taking into consideration the former salary, age, experience, and performance.
※Probation period    Six months (  No exceptional rules on salary during this period )
Performance evaluation system
Once a year, all the employees have an interview with the manager from May to June.
At that time, looking back on the previous year’s performance and setting goals for this year.
There are two main setting goals.
①Goals related to the current work
②Goals for skill up

For work, both results and processes are evaluated since various factors are reflected in the results, so that processes are important.

Setting objectives for skill up is one of the characteristics of us. IT industry is rapidly changing, so it is not possible to keep track of technology trends just involved with the work in front of you.
In addition, as targeted skill up objectives are part of the performance evaluation system, we are trying not to end the idea of ​​valuing employee’s growth like empty slogan.
Holiday and vacation<The total number of annual holidays is 120 days.>
Saturdays、Sundays, and National holidays
New year’s holidays
Paid holidays
Special leave for weddings and funerals
Compensatory leave (  Case working on Saturdays/Sundays/National holidays )
Work location・Head office  ( Roppongi, Tokyo )
・At client’s project room (  Mainly in Tokyo metropolitan area, other districts, oversea )


Six minutes walk from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line and Oedo Line

Six minutes walk from Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda Line

Working hours・Head office   9:30 – 18:30
・At Client’s:  Depends on project 
Acquiring qualification program e.g. Oracle Master, Nissho bookkeeping, TOEIC
Treatment・Welfare・In-house systemsFull payment of transportation expenses

Promotion  Once a year in June

Incentives Twice a year

Provided health insurance, welfare pension, unemployment insurance

Support for acquiring qualifications ( Exceptions for qualifications which are not speficied by corporate definition )

Business English lessons (  Every other Saturday/ Not mandatory )
Message to recent new graduates

OJT with senior members is mandatory. Depending on the time of joining the company and the progress of the project, you will first be accompanied by a senior consultant who is your advisor and will be involved with the preparation of meeting minutes and documents related to the project.

During that assignment, you will acquire the skills to summarize the main points and to understand customer’s business processes, technical terms, and other knowledge that is indispensable for defining requirements.

Learning up a series of consulting tasks close to a senior member would be a great asset in the future.

We expect a new member to expand the scope of work little by little, and within a couple of years, we would ask you to participate in various project phases such as basic design / detailed design, development, and testing in addition to writing proposals, presenting to customers, and defining requirements.

In parallel with OJT, you could participate in the Oracle Master certification acquisition seminars as needed. Our recommendation is to acquire Oracle Master Gold and Platinum within three years after joining the company.

Don’t worry, our members have succeeded to receive certification, so we are confident firmly to support you.

Message to engineer background candidates

We would like motivated engineers to make your dreams come true though you are very busy with your daily work and have difficulty drawing your future. Trinify can provide you with an opportunity to become a professional whom you want to be.

Through OJT, you can get a closer look at the actual work of a consultant, and we are also supporting the acquisition of certifications. Moreover, our senior unique consultants with various backgrounds can give you a lot of advice.

Even if you don’t have a clear career plan at this time moment, we believe that our environment could provide a hint and indicate you to draw your own career through frank communication with members.

Of course, your future goals may change as you work and grow. At Trinify, most members understand such trial and error struggles.

We are looking forward to seeing candidates who have an ambition for leveling up their career with closely to looking at their future.


First interview
Aptitude test
Final interview
※Hiring process takes two weeks in the shortest


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