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What’s the Advantages of Cloud ERP Systems?

What is your estimation of time and cost to deploy a new ERP system?
There are countless software products that call themselves as an ERP.

Suppose you might inquire ERP products you are interested in. Short after you realize that it requires the latest server as well as building a platform, understanding complicated setups, and risky migration from current system, so you would give up the adoption due to the huge cost, time and risks.
Thus far, cases stated above has been common approach to try to implement a new ERP system. However, with cloud based ERP, you would be provided the environment you can try the “ ready to go “ system, and furthermore, with minimum settings and data input, you can immediately get feel whether it suites your requirements on your business.

Low Cost
Try cloud ERP, and if it is not fitting to your company, you can just quit using.
First advantage of cloud ERP system is to be able decide speedy whether it is adaptable without huge cost.
Always latest version
What have you ever dealt with legacy ERP when legal system has changed or, new IFRS standards are adopted?
Cloud ERP has been automatically updated with latest functionalities, so that you don’t have to plan to work with applying patches, prior-verification, and additional development.
Second advantage is that always latest version is available.
Perfect Security
How would you think about the security of your system?
Nevertheless to say, on- premise system protected with firewall is considered very safe, however, it is not suitable on new workstyle, say, teleworking.
Cloud ERP system is equipped with advanced security functionalities such as two-step verification, which enable you working with enterprise applications on various locations including teleworking.
Thus, third advantage is perfect security.

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