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Kaori Ura

It’s been over thirty years since I was involved with the IT industry.
The progress of IT technology is rapid and remarkable, so it is hardly possible for even experts to foretell how the future changes with digital transformation.

Despite the enormous cost, time and effort required to implement a new system or rebuild, we often hear that customers are dissatisfied with the return on their investment on systems.

There has been changes gradually happened in the areas of enterprise systems, which tend to be rather conservative.

Before starting the project in a common way, which can’t be unsuccessful due to the huge investment, you could try out modern cloud ERP system more simply and speedy to see what your next system will look like with no risks.

Even in the field of conservative enterprise systems, we would like to be a best partner who can help our clients make smart choices in an era of radical change.

We have opened our new office on the 5th floor of the current building.
The sunny cozy office is designed with our corporate color, blue and white.
A completely non-territorial office allows our employees to work in seats they desire.

The glass-enclosed conference room is relaxing and releases stress during the discussion.
In addition, you can feel the nature as plants are placed here and there throughout the office space.
Although the office is located in the heart of Roppongi, it is rare space with windows facing three different directions.

On the opposite side of the office space, we have a large balcony, where we sometimes hold a welcome BBQ party to welcome new comers.
Standing on the balcony, you can see Tokyo Midtown, Roppongi Hills, and even Tokyo Tower, and you should be able to realize that Roppongi has a surprisingly wide sky despite the large buildings surrounding the city.

The office is fully equipped with teleworking equipment such as Wi-Fi, web conferencing system, VPN, speakers and a large display. A compact kitchen is located in one corner of the office, and some employees prepare lunch there. It is close to the National Art Center in Tokyo and has excellent access from the nearest station.

Our company manages the store “Demmers Teehaus” on the 1st and 2nd floors.
Please drop by our tea house as well, when you visit the office.


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