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Opportunities to become an IT consultant


Established in 2000, Trinify has been consistently providing consulting services for more than twenty years. Our major focus is consulting and supporting projects on corporate enterprise systems which is indispensable for business management.

Although nowadays we are on the way to expand cloud ERP system business, we still have lots of business opportunities on “ on-premise “ Oracle EBS and SAP implementation.

Company size is relatively small as our policy is working as “ small but has highly skilled work forces ” , but the best place to become a professional for new graduates. Atmosphere of the company is casual and at-home to train and foster each new graduate considering his/her career.

<Why starting career at Trinify is the best choice?>

After joining the company, five months full training course is prepared. Also, an assignment to the project is determined by career path suitable for individual’s aptitude and preference. New graduates whose native language is not Japanese would be trained with the same program.


The real thrill of building a system directly related to business innovation
The start of my career is an engineer. After that, I started working with upper phases and also took on a management role.

"What kind of system do customers really need, and how should the project proceed toward the goal?" I always keep that in mind when I work. The best part of this job is that you can witness business transformation through system implementation.

While technological advances have been rapid and remarkable in recent years, we believe our ability to meet customer’s diverse needs will become even more important.
Manager / Joined in 2013
Aim to become a Infrastructure specialist who are not limited to Oracle
There is only one reason why I finally decided to join Trinify. As a new graduate,
after visiting several companies, I was convinced this is the place where
I can get the experience which I eager to have, so no other opportunities seemed so attractive for me.

Immediately after joining Trinify, I acquired Oracle Master Gold, and have been acquiring experiences and skills mainly as an Oracle database specialist although besides Oracle, I need more experience and skills.
Architect / joined in 2014
Environment is perfect to be a professional
It's a perfect company for anyone who are ambitious to grow up through work.
As support system for acquiring qualifications is provided, I am utilizing to level up my skills.
It is also encouraging that experienced seniors including CEO Ura are close to us.

The personnel evaluation system covers not only work performance but also skill up objectives. Evaluated my personal growth by my advisor and senior members really motivated me.

Currently I work with the support of my senior employees. An atmosphere of taking on challenges without fear of failure makes it possible for junior like me to be involved in various tasks. Why don't you join and become an IT professional together at Trinify?
Associate Analyst / joined in 2020

Office Introduction

New Graduate

Job typeIT consultant
Job description

An easy example of work as an IT consultant;

If an executive of the client says, “ I would like to know top sellers of each of our stores. “  , we would propose, “ Not just timely grasping sales of top sellers but it is possible to analyze the differences of sales by time zone or location of your stores with this solution.

Therefore, acquiring the experiences and skills on latest technology and understanding business processes on industries is indispensable.

Preferred candidates・Curious and interested in the progress of technology
・Pursue the real goal and proceed what to do.
・Interested in business or management
Targeted candidatesUniversity graduates, Graduate school graduates
Targeted departments/majorsAll
Annual salary1st year  3,200,000 yen
Probation period    Six months (  No exceptional rules on salary during this period )
Number of hiring2 to 3
Full training system

After hiring, five months training program is prepared.

Business manner training, Java training, Earning qualification training ( Oracle Master,  Bookkeeping Certificate-Nissho   ), English lessons (  year round program on every other Saturday )


After five months training, new graduates will debut the real project with seniors.

Holiday and vacation<The total number of annual holidays is 120 days.>
Saturdays, Sundays, and National holidays
New year’s holidays
Paid holidays
Special leave for weddings and funerals
Compensatory leave (  Case working on Saturdays/Sundays/National holidays )
Work location・Head office  ( Roppongi, Tokyo )
・At client’s project room (  Mainly in Tokyo metropolitan area, other districts, oversea )

Six minutes walk from Roppongi Station on the Hibiya Line and Oedo Line )

Six minutes walk from Nogizaka Station on the Chiyoda Line
Working hours・Head office   9:30 – 18:30
・At Client’s:  Depends on project
・During training program   Depends on the external training course
Acquiring qualification programe.g. Oracle Master, Nissho bookkeeping, TOEIC
Treatment・Welfare・In-house systemsFull payment of transportation expenses
Promotion  Once a year in June
Incentives     Twice a year
Provided health insurance, welfare pension, unemployment insurance
Support for acquiring qualifications ( Exceptions for qualifications which are not speficied by corporate definition )
Business English lessons (  Every other Saturday/ Not mandatory )
List of schoolsHokkaido University, Tohoku University, Tokyo University, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Ibaragi University, Keio University, Waseda Univerisity, Sofia University, Meiji University, Hosei University, Aoyama Gakuin University, Doshisha University, Kansei Gakuin University, Kansai University, Tokyo University of Science, Gakushuin University, Nihon University, Senshu University, Tsuda University, Kokugakuin University, Kanagawa University, Teikyo University, Kyoto College of Graduate Studies for Informatics


Corporate information session
(Available upon request)
First interview
Aptitude test
Final interview
※Hiring process takes two weeks in the shortest


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