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This website is operated by Trinify K.K (hereinafter referred to as “we” or “us”).
When you use any text, sound and image etc. contained on this website, we ask you to observe the following “Terms of Use (TOU)” and use this Web site.
By viewing, downloading, linking, reprinting and doing other acts for any materials on this website, you shall be deemed to have agreed to the TOU.
For the avoidance of doubt, because we may revise this TOU without notice to you, we ask you to verify the latest version of the TOU.


Any patents, copyrights, trademarks, and other proprietary or intellectual property rights of all information (It refers to sentence, music, painting, picture, drawing, movie, program, compilation, database works, and those derivative works, and hereinafter referred to as “content”.) contained on this website are our or content provider’s properties and these are protected by national and international law on copyright.

Linking to this website

In principle, links to this website are prohibited. Especially, the following kind of links are strictly forbidden.
  • Links from websites which could defame our business or service etc. and damage to our credit.
  • Links from websites which include content against public order and morals.
  • Links from websites which post illegal content, involved or may have been involved in illegal activities.
Additionally, we don’t have any special relation with the person or group operate websites which have links to this website, however, are not operated by us, and those websites are not something we recommend.

Prohibited Matters

Acts that correspond or could correspond to the following each item are prohibited upon using this website.
  • Acts that defame another person.
  • Acts that defame specific company, group, their products or services etc.
  • Acts that infringe on privacy.
    e.g., To post other’s personal information.
  • Acts that use password etc. illegally.
  • Acts that disclose password etc. and let others use this website.
  • Acts that violate public order, morals, laws and regulations.
  • Acts that violate this TOU or are considered inappropriate by us.


Each content on this website is posted upon being paid enough attention during the creation and verified accuracy, appropriateness and integrity. However, we and content provider are not responsible for those of each content.
We and content provider are also not responsible for any damage ascribed to concerned information.
We ask you to use any information obtained from this website on your own decision and responsibility.
Administrator of websites linked from this website have all responsibility of any Information on those websites or of any problem ascribed to the details of that information.


If we are damaged by acts that violate prohibited matters, we may make a claim for the damages to users.
If a user damaged to a third party through this website, the user must deal with and resolve at their own responsibility, and we don’t have any responsibility.


We may change information on this website without notice to you. We would appreciate if you can take this into your consideration.
For the avoidance of doubt, we don’t have any responsibility for damages ascribed to changing information for whatever reason.


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